Miscellaneous Web Page Tips and Tricks

Click on WebTips below to see a number of tips and tricks, mostly in the areas of HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript. They include support for making plain vanilla nested UL lists into "expanding outlines" that hide and reveal the contents of each node, an orrery that shows the position and movements of the inner planets and their satellites, and a dynamic calendar.

Only a few of the WebTips work on anything other than Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later versions). Either MSIE is the only browser that offers the functionality needed or making Netscape work reliabily in doing an advanced funtion would be extremely difficult. For example, the equivalent of the "expanding outlines" functionality in NS 4.0 takes about ten times as much code, and tends to bomb the browser. We can only hope that the 5.0 browsers are not so completely incompatible as the 4.0s.

Advanced Web Sites

Thirty-two years of experience in engineering complex software systems for usability, accessibility, security, and maintainability, and the ability to apply that experience to leading-edge web technologies to develop high-function and user-friendly web applications that are integrated into legacy systems, data collections, and infrastructures.

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Consulting services in Internet technology, advanced, complex web sites, software development tools and environments, business process engineering with SADT/IDEF-0, and advanced systems architectures.

This web site is currently being used for experiments in web page construction.
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